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Hyperosteogeny is likewise called hyperplastic osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis (OA), degenerative joint infection, decrepit joint inflammation and hypertrophic joint inflammation. This malady is on the grounds that the degeneration of a joint ligament, intervertebral circles, tendons and other delicate tissue, bone goads are shaped on the edge of the joint, synovial hypertrophy and different changes and the development of bone devastation, caused by optional bone hyperplasia, prompting joint disfigurement. When the influenced by anomalous load, causing joint torment, an infection action impediment and different indications. Hyperosteogeny can be isolated into two sorts of essential and auxiliary. Related symptoms are bone spurs on the heel, neck pain, sore joints, bone thickening and Knee bone spurs.

People who may suffer from this disease: The elderly are susceptible to the disease

Cure rate: 84%

Clinical departments: Department of orthopedics, Traditional Chinese Medicine Department

Concurrent disease: There is no relevant information for the time being

Diagnosis and Treatment of Hyperosteogeny

Treatment cost: The fees of top three hospitals in the city in China are about 1000- 3000 yuan

Treatment cycle: 14 days (the surgical treatment cycle is 14 days)

Commonly used drugs: Wei Yang Ning capsule, Monoclofenamic Acid Tablets, strengthening the waist and relieving pain.

Treatment methods: Drug therapy, Physical therapy

Relevant inspections: Surgical examination, spine mobility, bone, joint and soft tissue CT, bone scintigraphy

Patients with Hyperosteogeny must check the projects in hospitals.

The period to treatment: Patients should be prepared for a day to treatment. The patients should be reviewed within 14 days after the end of surgery

The best time of treatment: When the patient’s joint fluid is clear, yellowish and viscous, the doctor should take the treatment for patients

Referral frequency: 14 days (the surgical treatment cycle is 14 days)

Preparation before treatment: Patients should carry images that reflect the condition of their bones

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