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Sacrum Treatment in Lahore | Causes and Symptoms The sacrum is wider and shorter in ladies than in guys. Younger and middle age women are more prone to developing the sacroiliac joint disorder. A situation in which pain commonly concentrates using one facet of the low back and radiates down the leg to the knee or occasionally, to the ankle or foot. In this case need Sacrum treatment. Our Chinese Specialist Our Chinese physiotherapist Dr.Sang Mailin is specialized in diagnosing and treating this issue. At physiotherapy hospital, we will provide you quick fix pain remedy for Sacrum treatment through traditional Chinese herbal medicines and modernRead More →

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Sacroiliac Joint Pain Treatment | Causes | Symptoms When iliac bones and sacrum linked up with each other they form the sacroiliac (SI) joints. It’s a bone situated on the lower end of the backbone downside of your lumbar spine, which is triangular in shape. It connects pelvic bone to the spinal area.¬†Live chat with us for further assistance and to ask queries about Sacroiliac Joint Pain treatment. What is (SI) Sacroiliac Joint Pain? Disorder inside the sacroiliac joint known as the SI joint can sometimes stimulate the lower back or leg pain. Leg ache from sacroiliac joint disorder may be specifically hard to distinguishRead More →