osteoarthritis treatment

[ Osteoarthritis Treatment ]¬†Causes and Symptoms Osteoarthritis is a kind of arthritis, which causes breakdown, swelling and sudden loss of tendon between joints. The tendon (cartilage) covers over the time. Osteoarthritis is also named as degenerative stiffness, osteoarthrosis and degenerative joint syndrome, commonly a joint disorder present with high prevalence in the U.S. Approximately it develops in about 15% of the male and 12% female over the age of 60. Osteoarthritis is a progressive complication. There is no recovery, but osteoarthritis treatment can assist the persons to regulate swelling, pain, and stay active. Osteoarthritis is a general source of joint injury, specially in the lowerRead More →

Hip Pain treatment

[ Hip Pain Treatment ] Causes and Symptoms Hip joint withstands with repeated movements and very little amount of tear and wear. This joint is known as a ball and socket joint that is the largest joint of our body. It fits together¬† in such shape to allow the movements of the fluids. Whenever, you are using the hip joint for movements, a cartilage cushion helps to prevent the friction as the bone of the hip joint moves with its sockets.¬† Regardless of its durability, this joint is not imperishable. With the use and age factor, the cartilage can broken down and become damaged. TendonsRead More →