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Cupping therapy is a kind of alternative medicine in which a local suction is formed on the skin. It has been considered as pseudoscience. There is no good evidence that it has any benefit on health. There are some suggestions it may be harmful. With the help of suction, the skin is drawn into a small cup by making a vacuum in a cup placed on the targeted area on the skin.  The vacuum can be created either by the subsequent heating and cooling of the air in the cup, or via a mechanical pump. Usually, the cup is left in place for just five to fifteen minutes. It is believed that this is also used to treat the pain in muscles, scar tissues, connective tissues, muscle knots and swelling. However, the efficacy of this method has been yet unproven.

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Cupping is poorly maintained by scientific evidence. Any research benefits are likely due to the placebo effect. Researchers  claim that cupping is an alternative treatment for cancer. However, the American Cancer Society notes that “available scientific evidence does not support assertions that cupping therapy has any health benefits” and also that the cupping therapies carry a small risk of burns. Preference varies among practitioners and cultures.

Cupping Therapy Types

It can be categorized into four main categories.

  • Technical types (Wet, Dry and flash type)
  • Power of suction related types (medium, light and strong cupping )
  • Suction related types (manual, fire and electrical cupping )
  • Materials inside cups related types (Water, herbal, Moxa, ozone, needle and magnetic cupping therapy.

A fifth category and a sixth classification were developed later. The fifth category is area treat related types that included: abdominal. Facial, male, female and orthopedic cupping therapy. The sixth category is the other cupping types which included sports and aquatic cupping.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Cupping

The Woman receiving fire cupping therapy at a roadside business in many countries such as Haikou, Hainan, China and now in Pakistan. Cupping therapy is the method of developing vacuum on the skin surface, thereby improving the Qi flow, according to traditional herbal medicines. This therapy is use to treat pneumonia, common cold and bronchitis. Cupping therapy using in the neck region, shoulder and many other muscular surfaces. Many researchers claims that this therapy has many applications. This is not advise in terms of Chinese herbal medicines over the sacral regions of pregnant women or any ulcer condition.

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