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wrist drop treatment

[ Wrist Drop Treatment ] Causes and Symptoms

A wrist drop is the typical deformity of a radial nerve lesion.  Wrist drop is caused by injury to the radial nerve, which move down the arm and controls the actions of the triceps muscle at the back of the upper arm, because of several circumstances. This nerve controls the backward bending of wrists and helps with the sensation and  movement of the wrist and fingers. Posture-induced radial neuropathy is produced by the setup of the radial nerve, which spirals round the humerus.

‘Sleep paralysis’ or ‘Saturday night palsy’ receives its name from periods of unintentional prolonged radial nerve compression, because of sleeping after drug or alcohol intoxication. Its clinical signs include motor weakness with sensory disorders and are similar to a herniated cervical disk or stroke. Other neuropathies, which makes it problematic to diagnose properly and, thus, sometimes leads to incorrect evaluations and thus doctors don’t recommend proper wrist drop treatment.

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Wrist Drop Symptoms

The radial nerve is composed of divisions of the C5 through T1 nerve roots and rises from the posterior cord of the brachial plexus in the axilla bone. It extends from the dorsal surface of the humerus in the spiral bundle supplying the extensor muscles of the upper arm. The motor component of the radial nerve innervates the brachioradialis, supinator, anconeus, abductor pollicis longus, brachialis, Triceps and the forearm extensor muscle, thus enabling elbow extension, forearm supination, part of elbow flexion, thumb extension, abduction and wrist extension. The sensory part of the radial nerve carries cutaneous afferent divisions from the hand, forearm and posterior arm.

Wrist drop is an organize syndrome that has a good diagnosis within several weeks. Awareness of its clinical features and diagnostic assessment approaches may help clinicians make a diagnosis of radial neuropathy and exclude unrelated evaluations.

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Causes of Wrist Drop

Injury to the radial nerve has a variety of possible causes. These include:

  • Sleeping with your upper arm in an awkward position
  • Falling on or receiving a blow to your arm
  • Fracturing your humerus, a bone in the upper arm
  • Using crutches improperly
  • Long-term constriction of your wrist
  • Pressure from leaning your arm over the back of a chair

The most common causes of radial nerve injury are overusing your arm, sports and work accidents and breaking your arm. Depending on the level of damage, you may experience a complete loss of the radial nerve action. This occurs when the nerve is detached. It can cause symptoms that are similar to more minor damages. A nerve laceration typically requires surgical repair. Certain actions, when repeated often enough intervals of time, can lead to radial nerve damage. Movements that involve both swinging and movements, such as swinging a hammer, can lead to nerve injury over a long period of time.

Wrist Drop Treatment | Wrist Drop Splint

The goal of wrist drop treatment for radial nerve injury is to relieve the signs while maintaining the movement of your hand and wrist. The best wrist drop treatment depends on the underlying cause. In many cases, symptoms go away slowly on their own without intervention. Your doctor may prescribe medicine or other therapies to help manage your symptoms.

First-line Wrist Drop Treatment

There are many different first-line treatment options available. These include:

  • Steroid injections
  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Antiseizure medications or tricyclic antidepressants
  • Analgesic or anti-inflammatory medications
  • Anesthetic creams or patches
  • Physical therapy to help build and maintain muscle strength
  • Braces or splints

Wrist Drop Treatment in Physiotherapy Hospital

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