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During an inpatient stay, Our organization will cover the patient’s transition in the pain hospital, with the continued aim of returning you to the best quality and greater functioning of life prior to your return to outpatient care and home. Participation in the pain hospital serves to the shorten the wavelength of the inpatient hospital stay which allow the patient to spend more time at home with their family while still enjoying the support of our well planned treatment program. As patients increase and meet the intermediate goals, a discharge plan and outpatient care will be provided. The pain hospital uses the same treatment approaches, principle and team members as the Pain Inpatient Service. The Pain Day Hospital strives to:

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  • Provide a smooth transition from inpatient to outpatient treatment
  • Increase the patient’s ability to the highest probable level
  • Decrease the length of inpatient hospitalization for chronic pain
  • Provide additional education and support for patients and families
  • Promote an understanding of the desires of outpatient treatment
  • Facilitate supportive relations of the patient with work, family, and community

Living Accommodations for Pain Hospital Patients

Patients who live locally may stay at home, while they are pain hospital patients. For patients who do not live locally, a luxurious room is provided for a nominal fee. The room includes a kitchen for meal preparation in the hospital is provided. If patients prefer, information on local hotels for patients and family followers will also be provided upon request.

Other Services

In our pain hospital, all pain related are treated with the help of Chinese traditional medicines, which develop an effective way to remove or eliminate the pain from the affected part. Chinese approaches and techniques are applied as pain treatment, and patient gets instant relief. For more information and appointment, Call us 03171172688 or live chat with our experts…!

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