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Neck Pain Treatment

[ Neck Pain Treatment ] Symptoms and Diagnosis

The neck or cervical spine is a coordinated network of muscles, joints, bones and nerves which are directed by the brain and the spinal cord. It is designed for stability, strength and nerve communication.  Commonly, there are a number of difficulties that cause pain in the neck. Additionally, irritation along the nerve passageways can cause pain into the hands, arms, head and shoulder. Irritation of the spinal cord can cause pain into the legs and other areas around the neck.  Most instances of neck pain will go away within some days or weeks, but pain that continues for months could signal of an underlying therapeutic cause that needs to be addressed and neck pain treatment. In some instances early intervention may be needed for the best results.

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Neck Pain Symptoms

Neck pain can feel like any of the following:

  • Sharp or stabbing pain in one spot
  • Soreness or tenderness in a general area
  • Trouble with gripping or lifting objects
  • Problems with walking, balance, or coordination
  • Pain that radiates down into the shoulders, arms, or fingers
  • Stiff neck that makes turning the head difficult

In some cases, other signs associated with the neck pain are even more problems, such as:

  • Weakness, numberness, tingling which radiates into the shoulder, arms, or fingers
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control

Neck pain might be minor and simply ignored, or it can be painful to the point where it interferes with important daily actions, such as sleep. The pain might be constant, come and go or short-lived. While not common, neck pain can also be a signal of a severe underlying medical issue, such as cancer or meningitis.

The Course of Neck Pain

Neck pain is common among young’s, but it can occur at any age according to the situation. In the course of a year, about 15% of US adults have neck pain that lasts at least 24 hours. Neck pain can progress suddenly, such as from an injury, or it may develop slowly with time, such as from years of poor posture.

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Neck Pain Treatment

The neck pain treatment depends on its precise cause. Treatment options include soft-collar traction, heat or cold applications, ultrasound, manipulation, massage, anesthetics, topical pain-relief patches, local injections of cortisone, analgesics, muscle relaxants and surgical procedures.  Home remedies for neck pain treatment, such as stretches, neck pain relief exercises, Jacuzzi treatment neck pain relief products such as neck pillows for nap and hot pads can be very helpful for relief of some forms of neck pain. There are many neck pain treatment options, depending on the specific neck problem and past treatment experiences. Other treatments that have been used for relief of chronic neck pain include acupuncture. The position for neck pain depends on the exact cause. Most forms of neck pain can resolve with conservative measures, including gradual rehabilitation, avoiding re injury and rest.

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Neck Pain Treatment
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