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Effective Chinese Infrared Heat Therapy Treatment For Pain Relief

One of the most exciting new technologies in holistic medicine is the use of far infrared radiant heat (FIR) in treating a wide variety of illnesses, diseases, and conditions. We have very expert Chinese physiotherapist Dr. Sang Mailin for infrared heat therapy in Lahore. Also known as thermotherapy, it can treat stiff joints pain, muscles pains, arthritis and deep tissue injuries. A benefit of heat therapy is that it is a natural method of pain relief and because it is natural, there are no side effects to this form of therapy.

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What is an Infrared Heat Therapy Used to Treat?

Heat therapy works by expanding blood vessels to increase blood flow in the afflicted areas allowing the body to heal itself faster while dulling the pain in the area.

Pain Reduction & Healing: Increases blood flow to the affected area through infrared heat therapy. The increased oxygen and nutrient supply relieves pain, diminishes joint stiffness, stops muscle spasms, reduces inflammation, and speeds healing in the damaged tissue. This treatment is especially effective on sprains, strains, bursitis, peripheral vascular diseases, arthritis, chronic joint and muscle pain as well as a variety of soft tissue sports injuries.

Relaxation: Radiant heat by infrared heat therapy also promotes muscle relaxation which increases comfort, reduces stress and induces sleep. According to our Chinese physiotherapist exposure to FIR for 1 hour can also significantly reduce blood pressure.


What is Infrared Heat Therapy?

Also known as radiation heat or infrared heat, infrared heat therapy is a narrow band of energy within the 5 to 15-micron level that is naturally occurring. FIR heats objects and a process that can penetrate deeper into the object – but does not increase the surrounding air temperature. On humans, FIR heat is completely safe and can permeate 2 to 3 inches deep into the tissues, where it is believe to increase blood circulation and encourage tissue repair.

Precautions for Infrared Heat Therapy

The only precaution in infrared heat therapy¬†( Red light therapy) is that you may burn yourself while using a heat pack or when taking that hot bath. It is natural because it helps increase the body’s self-healing process. This also means that it can be applied to anyone no matter the age, just keep in mind of how much heat they can handle. It works because the hot temperature stimulates the same nerve endings that pain stimuli also stimulate and when applying heat to a painful area, the pain is mute in order to transmit the temperature signals.

Benefits You Get From Infrared Heat therapy

  • Promotes The Removal Of Toxins: Heat therapy promotes the removal of toxins that are within the injured tissue naturally. This occurs because in infrared heat therapy the extra blood flow caused by the dilated blood vessels, from the heat, pulls out the toxins more effectively and naturally.
  • Open Flow for Oxygen Passage: It also allows for more oxygen to be deliver to the area decreasing the amount of lactic acid, carbon dioxide and other substances that can cause muscle ache.
  • Blessing for Joints Health: The heat would ease the joint pains and stiff joints.
  • Increase Lubrication between The Joints: This occurs when the synovial tissue in the joints gets more blood flow, allowing it to produce more synovial fluid which acts as the lubricant between joints.

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