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Acupressure for headache

[ Acupressure for headache ] Acupressure Treatment

Migraine headaches are often defined as one of the most depressed experiences that anyone can have. People can have difficulty in resting, thinking, working and just existing. You can try acupressure for headache treatment at home on yourself or you can get help from an experienced Acupressurist. If you want some different treatment, try using acupressure to reduce migraine or headache pain. There are some simple steps that you have to follow in the acupressure for headache.

Stimulate the Third Eye Point

Each acupressure point has many various names, those based in its earliest use and the more contemporary name, which is often a permutation of numbers and letter. The Third Eye Point, also named as GV 24.5, assistance  relieves head congestion and headache. This point is found between the eyebrows, where the association of the nose connects to the  forehead. Press this point with high pressure, but gentle pressure for at least one minute. You can try modest acupressure for headache, or apply a circular motion. See which exercise  works best for you.

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Dry Drilling Bamboo

Drilling Bamboo, also regarded as Bright Lights Points or B2 points, helps to develop  headaches that are located more in the anterior of the head. These pressure points are located at the inner side of both eyes, just overhead the eyelid and on the bone nearby your eye. Use the tops of both your index fingers and apply compression to both sites at the same time for at least one minute. You can stimulate pressure on each side separately if you want. This is the best acupressure for headache.

acupressure points for headache

Press Feng Chi

Feng Chi, also named as GB20 or the Gates of Realization. It is a common pressure point used for some headache types or migraines. Feng Chi, found just underneath the ear. To find the exact point, find the two hollows on the edges of the neck at the base of the brain. You can erect your fingers, gently cup your skull with your palm, and Put your thumbs in the hollow at the base of the neckline. Use your fingers  to massage the neck point with a firm and deep  pressure. Press it for three to five seconds. If you know where the pain is, you can also try massaging them with your middle finger, or use your lumps.

Stimulate Wind Mansion

The Wind Mansion point, also regarded as GV16, helps with migraines, mental stress or stiff necks. It is positioned in the center of the back of the head  between your spine and ears. Find the hollow position under the base of the head and press into the inside. Put a deep pressure against the point for at least two minutes.

See your physician – Acupressure for headache Treatment

Headaches can be symptoms of very severe conditions. You should go see physiotherapist in Lahore to control if you have an issue with primary headaches or a secondary condition that causes headaches. If you meet one or more of the following conditions, make sure you see a doctor within a day or two, but no later:

  • Headaches that begin after the age of 50
  • Changes in vision
  • Headaches that occur with increasing frequency or severity
  • Weight loss

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Acupressure for headache
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