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Sacroiliac Joint Pain Treatment in Lahore | Physiotherapy Hospital

sacroiliac joint pain treatment
Sacroiliac Joint Pain Treatment | Causes | Symptoms When iliac bones and sacrum linked up with each other they form the sacroiliac (SI) joints. It’s a bone situated on the lower end of the backbone downside of your lumbar spine, which is triangular in shape. It connects pelvic bone to the spinal area. Live chat with […]
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Migraine Treatment and Diagnosis | Physiotherapy Hospital

migraine treatment
[ Migraine Treatment ] Causes and Symptoms A headache can cause extreme aching pain or a whipping sensation, ordinarily on only one side of the head. It’s frequently joined by sickness, heaving, and extreme affected ability to light and sound. Migraine can make critical irritation for quite a long time days and can be severe […]
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General Physician in Lahore | ENT Specialist in Lahore

General Physician
General Physician in Lahore | ENT Specialists When you have a sudden pain or a bleeding nose or a sore throat, it is the time to meet our expert Chinese Otolaryngologist, and general physician in Lahore. He is specialized in dealing with the minor and major troubles associated with the ears, eyes, and throat. Our […]
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Neck Pain Treatment in Lahore – Physiotherapy Hospital

Neck Pain Treatment
[ Neck Pain Treatment ] Symptoms and Diagnosis The neck or cervical spine is a coordinated network of muscles, joints, bones and nerves which are directed by the brain and the spinal cord. It is designed for stability, strength and nerve communication.  Commonly, there are a number of difficulties that cause pain in the neck. Additionally, […]
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Weight Loss Treatment | Chinese Medicine For Weight Loss

Chinese medicine for weight loss
[ Chinese Medicine for Weight Loss ] Treatment By 2002, there were about 70 million obese Chinese living in China. This is more than the number of obese people currently residing in the United States. The increase in obesity has largely been credited with the adoption of a more westernized lifestyle and diet. As China […]
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Hijama in Lahore | Hijama For Male and Female | Cupping Therapy

hijama in lahore
[ Hijama in Lahore ] Hijama For Male and Female The word Hijama is the Arabic name used for wet cupping. The blood is sucked by vacuum by using a small skin incision for the therapeutic purpose. There are different origins of the hijama such as Turkish, Persian, Arab and Greek origin, which is mentioned […]
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Sprains and Strains Treatment – Diagnosis | Physiotherapy Hospital

Sprains and Strains Treatment
[ Sprains and Strains Treatment ] Diagnosis Sprains have a predisposition to have manifestations more restricted to the harmed joint. At the point when the joint is harmed, it’s conceivable to feel a tear or gliding in the joints and you need sprains and strains treatment. Distress is normally quick, and relying upon the seriousness of […]
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Leg Pain Treatment in Lahore | Causes, Symptoms and Diagnosis

leg pain treatment
[ Leg Pain Treatment ] Causes and Symptoms Discomfort or pain anywhere in the leg can range from a dull ache to an intense stabbing coldness. Most leg pain occurs due to minor injuries or overuse. The discomfort often disappears within a short time and can be relieved with home remedies. In certain cases, however, […]
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Weight Loss Treatment in Lahore, Pakistan | 10 Days to Reduce 3KG

weight loss treatment
[ Weight Loss Treatment ] Center in Lahore Weight loss treatment, surgeries and pills may hold the interest of giving something for practically nothing. As it were, getting smarter  without the agony of watching what you eat and working out. In any case, numerous mediations require those same way of life changes with a specific […]
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Fibromyalgia Treatment in Lahore – Physiotherapy Hospital

Fibromyalgia treatment
[ Fibromyalgia Treatment ] Symptoms and Diagnosis Fibromyalgia is a disorder considered by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by mood issues, memory, sleep and fatigue. Researchers believe that fibromyalgia amplifies painful sensations by affecting the way your brain processes pain signals. Symptoms occasionally begin after a physical surgery, trauma, infection or significant psychological stress. In other cases, […]
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